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Justin Piotrowski

-Director- -Cinematographer- -Editor- -Licenced Drone Pilot- 

"I've been creating videos now for more than 10 years. In that time I have realized I have a deep passion for the art of cinematography. My goal is to create content that looks and feels like you are watching it in a cinema. I have experience in making many different types of videos including: documentary, short film, weddings, commercial, music videos, sports highlights, and broadcast. Additionally, I am an advanced video editor with a particular knack for color grading. I look forward to hearing about your next project!"

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 Gear Highlights 

Fs7 Wix.jpg
FX3 Wix.jpg

Let's be honest, everyone has an "HD" camera. You probably have one in your pocket right now, being your cell phone. Many companies will tell you they shoot with high definition cameras but show up with consumer level gear. It's time to be transparent about the level of quality you will receive. Your video will be captured by industry leading cameras designed specifically for high quality motion picture capture. 

The Sony FS7ii is a ENG style camera used by filmmakers around the world. This camera is considered the gold standard for documentary filmmaking due to its robust build and feature set. The super 35 sensor in this camera allows for filmic renditions and high dynamic range capture. The FS7 platform is Sony's most successful cinema camera to date. Netflix approved.

The Sony FX3 is one of the newest additions to the FX series cinema line. It is the smallest camera in the lineup but packs incredible power. Its small form factor allows it to be used in tight shooting situations and gimbal work. The FX3 features a full frame sensor which creates beautiful depth of field and is arguably the best low light performing cinema camera to date. Netflix approved.

Wix Pics A7R.jpg

The Sony A7R V Sony's newest edition of its professional R series. It features an industry leading 61MP full frame sensor. The R series has traditionally been a photo only camera but with the A7R V Sony included many of the same video features found in the FX series cinema line. It has turned into a true hybrid camera excelling at both photo and video. 


The DJI Mavic 3 Classic features the largest built in drone sensor available on the market. The camera was designed and produced by Hasselblad, which is famous for its high levels of detail. The drone is capable of 40+ minutes of flight time which makes it suitable for even the most demanding shoots. It can be used for both photo and video projects.   

Filmmaking Process


Pre Production

Let's talk about your projects goals and needs. Things to consider are location, length, style, and purpose.



It's time to shoot your video. Shooting days can be intense and fast paced. Using information from pre-production, we will be ready to capture your project.


This is where your project starts to take form. The raw footage is cut together and color graded. The goal of editing is to have an end product that the viewer can become so engaged that he or she is not aware of the editor's work.



Now it is time for final reviews and exporting. Your project can be delivered to you digitally in a variety of ways.


Supported Formats

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