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It's Your Day in the Movies

The ultimate goal of our cinematic wedding film is to creatively capture your special moments throughout the day, while also making sure to include the faces and voices of your loved ones. It will allow you to look back upon your wedding day for the rest of your life and preserve it for future generations.

Peak Cinematics Wedding Cinematography Reel

Please check out our wedding brochure below for more information and pricing

Download the brochure here:


Availability is based on a first come first served basis.

Individual packages can be created depending on your needs!

You will receive a personalized quote for your wedding package

*"Full wedding film" refers to a video which includes each deliverable in one long form video. Example: A video which includes your trailer, cinematic edit, ceremony multi-cam edit, speeches multi-cam edit, and special dances edit.

Why Choose
Peak Cinematics?

This is not wedding videography. This is wedding cinematography. 

"Cinematography" - the art form of visual storytelling through motion picture photography.

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