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Justin Piotrowski is available for hire as a director of photography or cinematographer for your project. He has a passion for creating unique and professional level cinematography that will bring your production to the next level. His work has been featured in many film festivals along with award wins. 

Specializes in:

  • Film production

  • Documentary films

Most Recent Short Film:

"Make it Reel" (2024)

Directed by Tom Quinn 

Cinematography by Justin Piotrowski

"Hand Me Down" (2023)

Directed by Tom Quinn and Justin Piotrowski

Cinematography by Justin Piotrowski

Accepted into Top Shorts Film Festival, Days of the Dead International Film Festival, and Global Shorts Film Festival

Won awards for "Best Cinematography" and "Best Horror Short" in Top Shorts, "Award of Merit" in Global Shorts

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"Beethovens Paradox" (2022) Short Film
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"Food Run" Official Trailer
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"Crash"(2022) Short Film
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